What People Are Saying

We have heard it said so often by our client’s, that “They are always glad when they know Pfeiler will be the survey company on their projects”. Project Superintendents and Project Managers enjoy working with our crews and staff knowing that we will always report to them in a professional manner, and be accurate and timely with our work.

I have known and been working with Mark Pfeiler and Pfeiler for over 30 years. The Pfeiler team is one of the few that I have found that has not only been able to accurately provide Horizontal Control layout but also Vertical Control layout of the most complex designs on construction projects. Construction Control and Layout in the field is one of the most important requirements of the job. And if it is not done correctly and accurately it can cost both time and money to the Contractor(s) building the job. Pfeiler has proven time and time again their attention to accuracy in their layout and ability to spot and correct inaccuracies in the project Civil plans. Thank you Mark for all of the help you have given us.
Our experience with Pfeiler over the years has been great and we are always confident that their work will be done efficiently and accurately. They are always consistent with their arrival on our projects and we depend on their timely execution of survey for us.
They have the ability to adjust their schedule as we do ours in the event they are too busy to accommodate constant changes in the field to meet our deadlines.
We appreciate their dedication to service for us as a client and they are our first choice when selecting survey services.
I have been personally working with Pfeiler for over 30 years and always find their company to be responsive, accurate, and timely on any request and need we may have.
Their versatility to provide solutions on various projects like site work, including rough grade and fine grade / blue tops, hi-rise, and airport work.
They staff their projects with qualified individuals and have office support to keep them going in the field.
We would not hesitate in hiring them for any project.
Pfeiler have always provided the highest level of accuracy for my project control. I trust their work and prefer working with them over all others.
I highly recommend Pfeiler. They are very experienced, timely, and responsive. I appreciate that their surveyors will work with our title company and attorneys directly to answer questions and resolve discrepancies quickly. I have worked with many different surveyors, and Pfeiler is one of most dependable and easiest surveying companies to work with.